Wednesday, September 22, 2010

NAMI Walk 2010: Visiting the South Side Works and the Three River Heritage Trail

With the Walk less than 2 weeks away, NAMI Southwestern Pennsylvania staff members spent the morning at Town Square in South Side Works and walking the Three River Heritage Trail in preparation for the 4th annual NAMI Walk.

The Three River Heritage Trail is maintained by Friends of the Riverfront through their Riverfronts Naturally Trail Care program. Friends of the Riverfront works to increase awareness and engagement with the Pittsburgh region’s rivers and riverfronts through activities, stewardship and expansion of water and land trails. We are grateful for their efforts to restore natural vegetation, provide sustainable habitat for wildlife, reduce the need for fertilizers and pesticides and maximize the innate beauty of the landscape!

Want to get in on the action and help NAMI Southwestern Pennsylvania stomp out stigma? Register to walk with us today!

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