Friday, April 20, 2012

Workshop #6: Trends, Truths and Treatment about Alcohol and Other Drugs

On the eve of our 12th Annual Education Conference, let's take a look at the final workshop for the afternoon session. Attendees have the tough job of selecting which one of six workshops to choose in final portion of the day. So far, we've highlighted: 1) Understanding Eating Disorders as Serious Mental Illnesses; 2) Ask the Doctor; 3) New Hope for People with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder; 4) Understanding Suicidal Behavior in Adolescents; and 5) Weight Management Through Good Nutrition. Each of the six workshops is presented by an expert in the field, and we are grateful that all presenters donated their time to educate us and our attendees on these important topics. The sixth workshop for tomorrow's conference is:

Workshop #6: Trends, Truths and Treatments about Alcohol and Other Drugs

This workshop will focus on various issues related to drugs and alcohol in the Southwestern Pennsylvania region. Current trends will be described in terms of nicknames and slang, in addition to the drugs of choice that are currently on the rise. During this workshop, myths and truths will be discussed, the link between mental illness and drug use will be detailed, current and up-to-date statistics will be provided, and the personal perception of drug use will be explored. The presentation will also cover the disease vs. choice argument, and why treatment is essential in any recovery process.

Presenters: Tara Phillips, Outreach Specialist, Gateway Rebab; Minne Benjamin, person in recovery; Darrell Williams, person in recovery.

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