Thursday, April 12, 2012

Workshop #2: Ask the Doctor

Each year, the NAMI Southwestern Pennsylvania conference offers six workshops that run simultaneously in the afternoon. Attendees choose one of the six workshops, and picking which one to attend is never easy. This year's conference Evidence for Hope: Why Research Should Matter To You is no exception. Yesterday we highlighted the workshop on eating disorders, and today we highlight a tried-and-true and always well-attended workshop called "Ask the Doctor."

Workshop #2
Ask the Doctor

Mental health consumers and family members often have many questions that can't be quickly answered in a short doctor's visit. Do you have questions about: Medications and their side effects? The symptoms of different mental illnesses? Issues relating to co-occurring disorders? How to make better lifestyle choices? During this workshop, Dr. Suzanne Vogel Scibilia will answer participants' wide variety of questions concerning mental illness while discussing effective treatments and supports that promote recovery and healthier living.

For more information or to register for the conference, click here or call (412) 366-3788.

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