Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday Five: Facts About Veterans and Mental Health

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- Recent studies tell us that nearly a third of veterans who seek care through Veterans Administration (VA) health centers receive mental health diagnoses.

- Almost one in five veterans returning from Afghanistan and Iraq will experience mental illness.

- Approximately 30 percent of veterans treated in the veterans health system have depressive symptoms, two to three times the rate of the general population.

- More Vietnam veterans have now died from suicide than were killed directly during the war.

- Approximately 40 percent of homeless veterans live with mental illnesses.

After all our veterans have done for us, it is important that they be supported when dealing with mental illness. Visit NAMI National's Veterans Resource Center  for more information about resources for veterans and their families.

For more information about mental health in southwestern Pa. be sure to visit NAMI Southwestern Pennsylvania online and keep up with our blog with a subscription to our RSS feed!

Contributed by Lora M. Dziemiela, Program Secretary

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