Friday, July 9, 2010

Featured Facts on Friday

We've all heard the statistic that people with serious mental illness are dying 25 years sooner than the rest of the population. But did you know that half of the cigarettes in the country are smoked by people with serious mental illness? In fact, smoking is the top risk factor in their life expectancy.

The top five risk factors for people with mental illness dying prematurely are:

1) Smoking

2) Diabetes (Type 2)

3) High Blood Pressure

4) Obesity

5) Cholesterol

The good news is, according to NAMI Medical Advisor Dr. Ken Duckworth, these "risk factors are all modifiable, changeable and preventable." Look into NAMI's Hearts and Minds program today and register for the NAMI Walk on Saturday, Oct. 3.

For more information, visit the NAMI Southwestern Pennsylvania website.

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