Friday, July 2, 2010

4th Day at National NAMI Convention

Another busy day at the NAMI Convention!  Today started with a Research Plenary on schizophrenia, which focused on a large-scale project exploring the effectiveness of early treatment and prevention of schizophrenia. 

That session was followed by back-to-back workshops for the rest of the day, including Improving Outcomes by Integrating Mental Health in Primary Care, Implementing Health Reform--the Federal Agenda, Decriminalizing Mental Illness, Veterans and Military Mental Health, the Importance of Social Media, and Modern-Day Mood Stabilizers & Side Effects, among several others.

This evening, we enjoyed dinner on the patio of La Tomate in Dupont Circle with our friends from Project Transition in Philadelphia.  We've been having a great time networking with our NAMI peers from across the country.

We are gearing up for our final day at the NAMI Convention tomorrow!

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