Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Workshops at our Education Conference

The only problem with our Annual Education Conference on Saturday, April 18 is choosing which of the six afternoon workshops to attend. We have lined up exceptional presenters with topics that are interesting, informative and relevant. Take a look.

A) Lessons Learned from the Grassroots Action to Save the Lives of Montana's Heroes--Presenter Matt Kuntz will discuss strategies and tactics of a highly effective grassroots advocacy campaign and how to use these approaches to work for the changes you'd like to see in our government.

B) Caught by the Past: Understanding Trauma and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder--In this seminar, Dr. John Seasock teaches us how children, adolescents and adults react emotionally, cognitively and behaviorally to traumatic events ranging from global war and sexual violence to everyday traumatizing experiences such as car accidents, sudden deaths or illnesses. We'll learn about treatments and interventions as well.

C) Hearts & Minds: Mentally Healthy/Physically Strong--Co-presenters Mary Kay Clement and Catherine Hewitt will inform and inspire us about self care as it relates to issues of diabetes, weight management, exercise, diet, smoking and more. There is an undeniable connection between mental and physical health, and you'll walk away armed with coping skills and practical ideas to live a healthier life.

D) Surviving After a Loved One's Suicide--When someone you love dies by suicide, it complicates the grieving process. In this workshop, co-presenters Kathy Fowler and Sue Wesner illustrate that the key to healing is the realization that you will never get over a significant loss, but you can learn to accept it and find meaning in life. This workshop offers insight and information for clinicians as well as family members and other loved ones.

E) Eating Well for a Healthy Future--Join Registered Dietitian Meridith Paterson for a workshop that includes an interactive cooking demonstration to remind all of us the importance of healthy eating and exercise. Learn about proper portion sizes, healthier food substitutions and other practical ideas that can be applied immediately for a healthier life.

F) What's On Your Mind?--Mental health consumers and family members often have many questions that cannot be quickly answered in a short doctor's visit. Enter Dr. Safdar Chaudhary to answer your wide array of questions on physical and mental health and anything else related to living a more fulfilling, peaceful and happy life.

For more information or to register online, visit our website.