Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Always a Team at NAMI

Everything we do at NAMI is a team effort. Our office in the North Hills houses seven of our 28 staff members. We meet regularly to make sure projects are moving forward and everyone is on the same page.

Our team meetings are run by Executive Director Chris Michaels. She's a busy woman, in and out of the office at various meetings, committees and events.

Today she ran the meeting via conference call. It was productive as ever. No surprise.
Here are Darcey and Susan, who work very closely on many projects. As with most of the staff in this office, a lot of their work overlaps.

Below is Chris C. with Susan. Chris is our director's assistant but pitches in on a daily basis to help the entire staff with any project at hand.

Here are Debbie and Dick. Debbie wears many hats at the NAMI office from HR guru to finance whiz. She's good at everything. You've heard a lot about Dick and can read more here.

Today we met to talk about a lot of things, ranging from our annual report to this blog to our Spring newsletter. The major topic, of course, was our Annual Education Conference coming up on Saturday, April 18. Click here for more information.