Monday, October 13, 2014

Violence and Behavioral Health Conference

Community Care Behavioral Health and Western Psychiatric are presenting a conference called:
Violence and Behavioral Health:
Developing an Evidence-Informed Community Agenda
Monday, Oct. 27
Sheraton Station Square.
The overlap of mental illness and violence has emerged as an issue of major importance on the clinical, community and public health levels with serious implications for the legal system and society overall. This conference will feature keynote presentations by Edward Mulvey, PhD and David Kolko, PhD both of whom have done definitive research in this area. It will also include workshops bringing together experts and community representatives to examine and discuss related topics. It aims at facilitating the translation of research findings into clinical practice with an examination of what more needs to be known and potentially done with a view toward prevention. It hopes to provide participants with a greater understanding of the relationship between mental illness and violence and measures the community can undertake to recognize and diffuse potentially violent situations.
Details can be found on the website,

Register online at (Search on Violence)

For additional information or to receive a brochure, please contact Nancy Mundy at or (412) 204-9090.


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