Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A Special Report from John Lovelace, President of UPMC for You


I am pleased to share with you an engaging, interactive report that chronicles the evolution of the Allegheny County Maternal Child Health Care Collaborative — a community-based collaboration designed to improve health care service delivery and outcomes for Medicaid-eligible parents and their young children in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania.

UPMC Health Plan, UPMC for You, Community Care Behavioral Health Organization (Community Care), RAND Corporation, The Alliance for Infants and Toddlers, and more than 30 other organizations played pivotal roles in the planning and execution of the Collaborative's four phases of work.

The effects of parental depression and childhood developmental delay are closely intertwined, and these issues are more prevalent among low-income and minority families than the general population. This disparity is as real in Allegheny County as it is nationally. The Collaborative successfully addressed this concern, culminating in a groundbreaking effort to connect the childhood early intervention and social service systems with physical and behavioral health systems, and to identify and assist Medicaid-eligible families at dual risk for parental depression and childhood developmental delays.

This report, entitled Perspectives on the Allegheny County Maternal Child Health Care Collaborative, highlights the involvement of the key partners and the personal stories of those who were central to operation and success of the Collaborative. I encourage you to share this report with your staff members, colleagues, and friends, and post a link to the report on your organization's website and social media channels.

Please take a few minutes to learn about how the Collaborative is transforming the way care is delivered to the Medicaid population in Allegheny County and across Pennsylvania.

Warm regards,
John Lovelace
President, UPMC for You





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