Friday, August 30, 2013

Look at What UPMC is Doing for the NAMI Walk!

Do you know someone with a mental illness? Chances are you do, even if you aren’t aware of it. After all, mental illness impacts the lives of one out of four adults and one out of 10 children. But it’s a disease that people don’t want to admit they have, and one that friends and family members may be reluctant to discuss. 

Too many people assume that mental illness is due to a character flaw or personal weakness. They think that sufferers should just “snap out of it.” No one would ever dream of saying that to someone afflicted with cancer. But most people don’t understand mental illness. And that’s really too bad, because a lack of understanding and the shame mental illness brings can prevent the people who need help from getting it — and getting better.

There is a lot of hope for people with mental illness — with treatment they do recover, and they can lead happy, productive lives. So let’s end the stigma, talk openly, and support people who suffer from mental illness.

Please join us as we support the National Alliance for Mental Illness and the 2013 NAMIWalk with John Lovelace as Walk Chair! To join the UPMC Insurance Services Super Team (includes Community Care Behavioral Health Organization and UPMC Health Plan teams) on Sunday, October 13, at the SouthSide Works, just click here.

Anyone who registers for the UPMC Insurance Services Super Team receives a dri-fit T-shirt and a $50 deductible credit toward their MyHealth requirements. The first 50 people who register get a $20 donation from John Lovelace! And if you raise money for NAMI, you can get even more incentives!
  • Raise $25: receive baseball hat
  • Raise $50: receive baseball hat, water bottle, and four Zoo tickets
    • INCENTIVE: Raise $50 by September 9 and get entered into a drawing to win one of five sets of four Pirates tickets to the September 17 game!
  • Raise $100: receive baseball hat, water bottle, four Zoo tickets, and embroidered sweatshirt
SPECIAL INCENTIVE: Raise $100 or more and get entered into drawings for special prizes!


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