Wednesday, March 21, 2012

BROKEN PROMISES: Dismantling the Community Mental Health System and Harmful General Assistance Cuts

Promise Made – Candidate Tom Corbett promised to help Pennsylvania’s most vulnerable citizens, including individuals with mental illness and/or facing challenges of addiction.

Promise Broken – Gov. Tom Corbett’s budget is recommending the most significant change and cut to the community mental health system since its inception over 50 years ago.

Our Message: The cuts to Mental Health funding must be restored. The Human Services Development Fund block grant is wrong and should be stopped. Promises made to consumers and to communities must be kept.

Please see the attachment for a detailed list of the “Promises Made and Promises Broken.”  Utilize these points when contacting the leadership within the state House and Senate. Please always copy your respective state representative and senator.

Unsure who represents you in the state Senate and House? Click here. To Contact PA Senate Leadership, click here. To Contact PA House of Representatives Leadership, click here.

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