Friday, November 4, 2011

Top Walk Fundraisers... WOW!

For the NAMI Walk, our participants were given a deadline of Oct. 31 to turn in funds for our team and walker contests. We will be announcing winners and totals over the next week. Today we are thrilled to announce our top five fundraisers for 2011. Their enthusiasm and commitment to NAMI is evident in their efforts. The funds they have raised--along with the rest of our walkers and sponsors--will support the NAMI mission all year long. Thank you, our superstar fundraisers!

1. Jim Ehrman (Jim's Jocks) - $7,850

2. Raymond Baum (Leo's Team) - $2,234.44

3. Lora Dziemiela (Porky's Paws for a Cause) - $2,175

4. Stephanie Sluka (NHS Human Services) - $1,745

5. Eileen Lovell (South Hills Stampede) - $1,565

We are collecting donations through November for the NAMI Walk. If you have not yet made your donation, click here and support us today.

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