Friday, July 8, 2011

NAMI National Convention Continues

With 40 workshops and symposia sessions today, the NAMI National Convention in Chicago continues to keep us busy and enlightened. The five NAMI Southwestern Pennsylvania staff members in attendance -- pictured below (left to right): Debbie Ference, Associate Director; Darcey Garda, Manager of Marketing and Development; Christine Michaels, Executive Director; Alan Corn, Consumer Action & Response Team Program Director; and Sharon Miller, Director of Education and Community Relations -- tried to cover as many sessions as possible.

Some of the sessions were:
--Suicide Prevention and Intervention for Service Members, Veterans and Their Families
--Federal Special Education Laws
--Health Care Reform: Washington Insights
--Confronting Disparities and Embracing Cultural Competence
--Employment: A Cornerstone of Recovery
--Health Care Reform: Bringing it all Back  Home
--Transitioning Students Living with Mental Health Conditions to Life After High School
--Real Help for People Living with Mental Illness and Substance Abuse: An Introduction to Integrated Dual Disorders Treatment (IDDT)
--Spirituality + Recovery + Cultural Competence = Endless Possibilities

There are still a series of late afternoon workshops and a series of evening programs to attend. Yes, it is a very busy and educational day at the NAMI National Convention! Tomorrow we say farewell... stay tuned.

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