Wednesday, March 9, 2011

2011 Regional Education Conference

NAMI Southwestern Pennsylvania
2011 Regional Education Conference
April 30, 2011 - Pittsburgh Airport Marriott

Embracing Diversity:
Cultivating Respect and Inclusion for a Stronger Mental Health System

Mental illness reaches into every community and affects people from all walks of life. The National NAMI Standards of Excellence – diversity, inclusion and non-discrimination – charge us to actively strive to be inclusive of every sector of our demographic and to make no distinction among people who have a mental illness and other members of the community. To strengthen the mental health system, we must be able to demonstrate our openness to all as we describe who our members are and how we serve their communities.

Cultural competency requires all of us to recognize and respect culture, belief, behavior and needs. Cultures can include language, customs, beliefs and values of various racial, ethnic, religious and social groups. According to the 2009 article Cultural Competency and Its Impact on Addiction Treatment and Recovery by Curtis Upsher, MS, “Other cultural variables that have influential effects on health disparities and the healthcare encounter are age, gender, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, language and literacy abilities, education level, physical ability and social class.”

Reflectively, raising our self awareness of our own culture is as important as developing an awareness of the cultural context of others. Inclusion is more than acknowledging and tolerating differences. Embracing diversity means we make every effort to understand and appreciate our differences, to respect experiences different than our own and, finally, to value the quality of our differences.

Who Should Attend:

Consumers of mental health services and family members; mental health professionals; educators; local community leaders; and regional, county and state government leaders in Southwestern Pennsylvania.

Conference Tuition:

Family Member/Consumer Rates: 
     NAMI Member- $45.00 
     Non-Member- $50.00

Professional Rates: 
     NAMI Member: $75.00 
     Non-Member: $85.00

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