Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Call to Action: Support HB 1190

We have just been alerted that House Bill (HB) 1190, introduced by Rep. Dan Frankel, will be considered by the Health and Human Services (HHS) Committee on Monday, June 21.

NAMI Southwestern Pennsylvania has been consistent in its support of this legislation, and we remain grateful to Rep. Frankel in his efforts to safeguard any proceeds from the sale of Mayview and all similar state-operated facilities.
--Send an email to Rep. Frank Oliver, majority chair of the HHS Committee, urging support for HB 1190. Multiply your efforts by copying and pasting your email to all HHS Committee members.

--Contact your respective member of the state House of Representatives and ask for their support when the bill comes before the full House. 

--Urge support of HB 1190!

--Identify if you are a person in recovery, a family member, community provider, etc.

--Insist that funds resulting from the sale or lease of any state-operated MH/MR facility be placed in a special community services trust fund.

--Remind them that recovery from mental illness can be a reality for the 2.2 million Pennsylvanians living with a mental illness or behavioral health problem, but ONLY IF people can access effective treatment and supports in our communities.

--Tell them that HB 1190 offers the potential to have a positive effect throughout the entire state.

For more information on this legislation or assistance on contacting your state rep., please contact Sharon Miller at (412) 366-3788 ext. 25 or email

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