Friday, January 8, 2010

Step #5 Of Living A Balanced Life

According to NAMI's Family-to-Family program, there are seven principles for caregivers to live a balanced life. The first, second, third and fourth principles were highlighted in previous blog posts.

Principle #5 is: Seek out and join a support group.

Support groups are an important resource for people caring for a loved one with mental illness.

Support groups allow caregivers to come together, share ideas, coping tips, experiences and most importantly, to exchange emotional support. Most support groups are facilitated by a leader with personal experience. The primary goal of many support groups is that no one the group serves ever has to feel alone again.

Members report that a support group gives them faith and hope. It makes them laugh despite the trials of their situations. It helps them to come to terms with the illnesses of their loved ones. Together, the mutual support can be an integral part of a balanced life for a caregiver.

To find a support group, visit the Support Group page on NAMI Southwestern Pennsylvania's website.