Monday, June 1, 2009

National Magazine Seeking to Interview People with Depression

Esperanza magazine is working on an article, "Hope in Recovery from Depression," and wants to talk to people with depression who have found that setting goals and working to achieve them tends to make them more hopeful and more likely to recover.

Has goal-setting worked -- or not worked -- for you? Goals can be large or small.
  • A person who has not left he house in weeks may set a goal of walking around the block

  • Cleaning a closet

  • Reconnecting with family or friends

  • Taking a course at a community college

  • Returning to work

The article is not about religion, but the magazine is interested in how spirituality may play a role in hopefulness and goal-setting.

Responses are urgently needed. The magazine has a deadline of this week. If you want to share you experience, please contact Donna Jackel of Esperanza directly at or (585) 797-8246.

For more information on depression or other mental illnesses, visit the NAMI Southwestern Pennsylvania website.